East Africa; Sustainable Development through Local Entrepreneurship - Distance Learning

How is it that Uganda has been ranked as the most entrepreneurial country in the world? What does everyday life look like there? How do people sustain themselves? And what do people do during their free time?

East Africa vibrates of creativity and ingenuity. With examples from Uganda, we study how local businesses work for sustainable development through organic farming, popular culture, upcycling and design. Small scale business women and men create long-term approaches for sustainable development by employing themselves, starting up small and growing slowly.

The aim of this course is to get a fresh and contemporary picture of life in East Africa. We look at small scale enterprises, family life, visions and dreams. But we also look at the many challenges people face today. The course provides an insight into the historical events that has shaped the region. By highlighting people’s continues interplay with traditional knowledge and their surrounding environment, we gain a greater understanding for the social development, change and everyday life in Uganda.

Weekend Seminars
We have two mandatory seminars at Österlens folkhögskola in Tomelilla Sweden. September 16-17th and December 16-17th. The school has boarding facilities and arrival is possible from Friday.

Field Study
The course includes a three-week long field trip in Uganda. The dates are set from October 16th to November 3rd. We fly to Rwanda and travel by road to Uganda through Kisoro, Kampala, Mbale and Gulu. The objective is to visit a range of local entrepreneurs. We meet craftsmen and women, coffee farmers, designers, video producers and nature guides in eco-tourism. The field trip usually costs 1 500 Euros in full, excluding vaccinations and individual insurances. It takes a certain number of participants for the trip to be implemented. Those who are unable to participate on the trip continue to study from home.

Please look at our gallery to find photos from our previous field trips.

The literature which runs as the red thread through the course is A Good African Story (2014) written by Andrew M Rugasira. In addition, we use literary excerpts, articles and texts from the web. We also watch and analyze digital footage of recorded interviews and documentaries. During our weekend seminars we listen to guest lecturers who visit us. We do also connect ourselves to live lecturers in East Africa through Skype.

Learning platform

We work through Google Classroom.

Service Fee
The service fee is SEK 300, this includes accident insurance and arrangements for meetings.

The course starts September 4th and will run until 22 December.

Scope of Study

You can apply for student aid from CSN.

Closing Date
August 4th.

Course Manager
Mats Andersson
0417-280 00