East Africa in change – Distance learning

What is life like in Africa today? How do people view the future and what is really their source of income? Through this course you will meet people working with fashion-design, photography, video production, coffee manufacturers and nature guides in eco-tourism.  All of these encounters will give you a brand new image on Africa.

Africa vibrates of creativity and entrepreneurship. The course emphasizes on people’s outstanding driving force, inventiveness and self-sufficiency.  Small scale entrepreneurs create long-term methods for sustainable development through employing themselves and others, growing slowly, recycling materials, organic farming and many other innovative solutions.

The aim of this course is to provide an updated picture on life in East Africa. We focus on entrepreneurship, values and visions on the future. We do also keep our eyes open to the challenges people face today. The course additionally provides an insight into the historical events that shaped the region. By highlighting people´s interplay with traditional knowledge and their surrounding environment, we approach a greater understanding of the social development and everyday life, particularly in Uganda.

Field Trip
A three-week field trip is included in the course. We fly to Rwanda and drive to Uganda, through Kisoro, Kampala and Mbale. We do also treat ourselves with a day trip to Kenya. The itinerary is based on visiting numerous entrepreneurs and enjoying the extraordinary landscapes of course. The trip costs about 15 000 SEK, excluding vaccinations. It takes a certain number of participants for the trip to be implemented. Those who are unable to participate on the trip continue to study from home.

Course Dates
The course starts on December 10th 2018 and ends on April 26th 2019.
Last day to apply is on October 26th 2018.

Scope of Study
This is a 50% part time course, open to all EU-citizens.

Learning Platform
We work through Google Classroom

Weekend Seminars
We have two weekend seminars during the course, January 19-20th and April 13-14th. During these you get the chance to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas with special online lecturers, teachers and fellow students on site.  The school has boarding facilities and arrivals are possible from Friday.

Our main literature is A Good African Story (2014) written by Andrew M Rugasira. In addition to this book, we use literary excerpts, articles and different web content. We analyze images, videos, lectures and recorded interviews as well.

Service Fee
The service fee is 300 SEK which includes local accident insurance and certain material arrangements during the weekend seminars.

Mats Andersson and
Jana Karlsson Nabudere

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Mats Andersson

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